Training a Cat to Act Like a Dog

Tips and Tricks for Teaching Your Cat to Behave Like a Dog

The other day I went on a hike and passed a beautiful house atop a hill. From it’s garden a silver colored cat emerged and invited me to hang out and play for a bit. When I continued my walk, my new cat friend decided to follow along. It walked by my side for almost […]

New Hope for the Pope: The Groundbreaking Election of Pope Maria I

A Fictional Account of the First Black Lesbian Pope and Her Quest for Justice and Equality

It was a historic day in the Catholic Church on April 1, 2030, as Pope Maria I, the first black lesbian woman to hold the papacy, was elected. As she stepped out onto the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica to greet the cheering crowds, the world watched in amazement.

ChatGPT's Five Cents on the Future of Screenwriting

A chit-chat on the future of screenwriting with Elon Musk's statistical text engine ChatGPT

I asked ChatGPT what it has to say about artificial intelligence and screenwriting. This is the prompt I used: “Write a blog about artificial intelligence and screenwriting. Make it critical” Here is what it spit out: “Artificial intelligence has increasingly been making its way into the world of screenwriting in recent years, with various AI-powered […]

Einstein in the Age of the Spanish Inquisition

Exploring the Potential Consequences of a Genius Living in Oppressive Times

As I ponder the curious case of Albert Einstein, I cannot help but wonder: what if this brilliant scientist had lived during the time of the Spanish Inquisition? How might his revolutionary ideas have fared in the face of such an oppressive regime? Einstein’s theories of relativity and the nature of light would have been […]

The Simplicity of Songwriting

Create Songs with Pencil and Paper and a Guitar

Writing and producing songs with pencil and paper and a guitar is a time-honored tradition that has been used by some of the most successful songwriters in history. While technology has provided many new tools for songwriting and production, there is something special about the simplicity and intimacy of the pencil plus paper and guitar […]

Sacking Justine Sacco

On the Intersection of Freedom of Speech and Online Bullying in the Internet Era

In 2013, a woman named Justine Sacco found herself at the center of a scandal that would ultimately cost her her job. Sacco, a PR executive for the media company IAC, posted a joke. With just a few hundred followers on Twitter, she likely didn’t anticipate the widespread backlash that would ensue after she tweeted […]

Origin and Nature of Government

Originally published by Laurence Labadie in Balanced Living, Vol. I, No. 2 (February 1958)

When a “nation” is relatively wise politically it requires considerable force, in the shape of police and army, to keep the populace in their place. Where people are steeped in political ignorance, very little force is necessary, especially when the illusion is kept up that when choosing their rulers they are actually ruling themselves.

But won't they be lonely when they are alone?

On post-apocalyptic tendencies

It did not matter to them if their lives were mediocre, as long as they went on, and on, seemingly forever and setting out for immortality. In my dream I also saw the same people ignoring the health of our societies, failing their solidarity towards each other, and ending social contracts in fear of dying a predicted death.

Zen and the Art of Moving to Italy - Part 2

Or how to move during a lockdown with no time to put on belt or shoes

After a few days we came to the conclusion that we had to focus on getting to Italy during the first small window of opportunity. It would be a now or never situation. We had to get a flight for as long as they were available, for as long as airlines still existed.

A Comet for all Seasons

On the significance of being insignificant

On Monday the 13th of July 2020, I remembered that there was a to-do item on my itemized list of things to check, that still needed some work. July was the month of the comet Neowise, a stellar body that orbits earth every 6800 years, and coincidentially, it so happens, that the comet chose the […]

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