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But won't they be lonely when they are alone?
On post-apocalyptic tendencies
Robert Huttinger

Yesterday morning I woke up from a vibrant dream. In my dream I saw people in fear, worried to extremes about their health and trying to artificially extend their lives, with money, with power. It did not matter to them if their lives were mediocre, as long as they went on, and on, seemingly forever and setting out for immortality. In my dream I also saw the same people ignoring the health of our societies, failing their solidarity towards each other, and ending social contracts in fear of dying a predicted death.

It seemed as if the global health systems were highjacked by invisible enemies. But while these enemies were not as microscopic as expected, they were still little. Limited in their understanding of the interconnectedness of all things being, they went forth and helped themselves to transfer the assets of the global middle classes to their extreme rich selfishness, as they did for so many centuries before. But this time, in my dream, it turned out different. Because as soon as the global tax payer was unable to pay their master’s demands, the tables turned.

It was then that for a good while and little by little conflicts broke out all over the planet. These were conflicts between the common man and the government’s police and military forces, who at that time were the only ones still receiving something akin to a salary. Most currencies were banned, which guaranteed that only the extreme wealthy were guaranteed access to all assets. Soon after poverty kicked in, a global civil war followed, in which people fought for common resources like access to fresh water or clean air to breathe. Every day became about finding safety away from crowd madness.

That of course caused a lot of amusement to the rich, who were enjoying themselves greatly while watching the global carnage from the safety of their south pacific islands. They were able to keep flying their Learjets across thousands of miles across their paradises in the pacific ocean, while partying in infinity pools, laughing at the events quickly unfolding in exciting staccatos of breaking news via live streams.

But in a world of only a few thousand human survivors, for how long really was their own safety to be guaranteed? Perhaps their initial plan was more sustainable, they thought. Perhaps long back in the 80’s, when the world was about to get annihilated, with mass casualties to the world’s population, when they played hide and seek with their nuclear arsenals, perhaps they should have acted then, quickly, by the press of a button. They could have waited out the nasty radiation and crept to the surface from inside their bomb shelters a couple years later.

But that would have meant to also destroy the beautiful world they wanted to keep for themselves. All they really wanted was to own the entire planet completely to themselves, without the annoying peasants and common people in it. And why not? Who can not understand the dream of owning a healthy planet, without the dirty crowds, without the smelly pollution and without the ugly destruction that comes with millions added to the global population every day.

So, in my dream, when they had achieved their goal, how long was it going to take until their luxurious world would be falling apart, until they themselves were about to into madness? Perhaps they did not consider, that nobody is safe from suffering, nobody can run from loneliness and nobody is immune to despair. Because somewhere deep inside even the extreme privileged remained partially human, could not escape the guilt that remained in their hearts after all the debt of the world was wiped off the plate.

After what in my dream felt like a few decades, they sure had died of disease and old age, of causes known to man as natural. And in addition to their equally deceased michelin star chefs, born and bread servants, passionate dancers, loyal surgeons and fearless soldiers that populated their little island kingdoms, they must for sure have left behind some young heirlooms. But instead of a thriving new master race of the rich and beautiful, all my dream revealed to me was miserable and weak young people, who as they so often are when they grow up surrounded by unimaginable luxury and lack of meaning, set out to die from drug and alcohol abuse, while emptying the wine cellars and depots their rich parents built to last for centuries and many generations to come.

It was then that the era of human civilisation, while continuing to exist for a little while longer with only a few thousand human families, gatered in tribes around the and dispersed around the globe, was slowly about to come to an end. From there on, with nature taking its course as it always does, and with the last humans going extinct within a few thousand years, there would remain barely any trace of what once was a planet hijacked by a exponentially growing and highly aggressive species of apes called homo sapiens.

I had a dream. In my dream I saw a planet in fear of itself.