ChatGPT's Five Cents on the Future of Screenwriting

A chit-chat on the future of screenwriting with Elon Musk's statistical text engine ChatGPT

I asked ChatGPT what it has to say about artificial intelligence and screenwriting. This is the prompt I used: “Write a blog about artificial intelligence and screenwriting. Make it critical” Here is what it spit out: “Artificial intelligence has increasingly been making its way into the world of screenwriting in recent years, with various AI-powered […]

Pirates of the Carribbean Set Visit

A Day at Pinewood Studios with Jerry Bruckheimer and Johnny Depp

I am at Pinewood Studios, London. On a soundstage to be more specific. As we approach the center of stage B, we see a wooden box-like structure built on steel frames. We walk up stairs onto a patio area and see an entrance surrounded by skulls and bones. The railing, made of skeleton backbones and […]

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