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A Sicilian Comedy of Errors with Acarent and
Robert Huttinger

Picture this: a comedy of errors at Catania airport, courtesy of the notorious duo and Our grand adventure of renting a car quickly turned into a sideshow of absurdity and frustration. Grab your popcorn and buckle up for this wild ride!

So, there we were, all set to conquer the chaotic Sicilian roads. I, the mastermind behind the reservation, and my Italian partner, a seasoned driver ready to show off her skills, strutted up to the Acarent counter outside Catania airport on June 2nd, 2023.

Little did we know that a comedy routine was about to unfold before our eyes. The moment we mentioned that my partner would be the main driver, chaos erupted. The Acarent employee, who clearly had a flair for dramatics, dramatically denied her the car. Cue the gasps and stunned silence.

Now, let me tell you, we tried to reason with this performer. We explained that we could easily switch the main driver or add a second one, just like any other sane car rental company allows. But no, this diva of the rental counter insisted that the reservation holder must be the main driver. Talk about a strict casting policy!

To make matters worse, the comedy turned dark when the employee unleashed a barrage of derogatory Italian words. It was like a bad script from a B-grade mafia movie. I half-expected the Godfather to appear in the background, offering us an offer we couldn’t refuse. I tried to get the supervising person at Acarent to talk to, but was just met with derogatory Italian by the ‘padrĂ³na’, the equivalent of ‘fuck me what does this journalist asshole want’.

But hey, we’re not ones to be defeated by clowns! With determination in our hearts and a desire for a smoother experience, we ventured over to Carmotion, the hero of our story. And boy, were we glad we did! Their team was all smiles and helpfulness, a breath of fresh air compared to the circus we had just escaped.

Now, let’s talk about refunds, or rather the lack thereof. We reached out to for answers, but instead of a human response, we got stuck in a never-ending loop of robotic replies. It was like chatting with a malfunctioning AI. Hello, real person, are you there? We’re still waiting!

In our quest to expose the truth, we dug deeper into the rabbit hole. Turns out, Acarenta, a company registered in Sicily, operates in some corruption-friendly countries – Italy, Albania, Bulgaria, Morocco, Malta, and Greece, while hides behind offshore companies Webart Softech Ltd and Inc registered in the UK and the US, with directors likely pulling the strings from the Indian subcontinent.

They spend a good amount of money (likely millions per month) advertising online, as it ranks quite high in search results. The aforementioned entities purportedly offer rental car insurance at discounted rates, which prove to be non-refundable and demonstrate a reluctance to fulfill claims, as attested by other reviews. Talk about an international comedy act!

Their so-called “discounted” rental car insurance turns out to be nothing but smoke and mirrors. Good luck getting a refund or a claim settled. It’s like their business motto is “take the money and run.” Well, run far away from these clowns, my friends!

As a seasoned travel journalist with insider knowledge, it’s my duty to shine a light on these shenanigans. I’ll be reporting their escapades to the UK Trading Standards and other relevant authorities. Consider this my comedy act of justice!

In conclusion, let’s all learn from our misadventure. When it comes to renting a car, steer clear of these car rental clowns. Find yourself a reliable, customer-focused company that won’t leave you laughing (or crying) in disbelief.

Remember, laughter is the best medicine, but not when it comes to car rentals. So buckle up, stay vigilant, and may your travels be filled with genuine smiles and smooth rides!

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