Zen and the Art of Moving to Italy - Part 2

Or how to move during a lockdown with no time to put on belt or shoes

After a few days we came to the conclusion that we had to focus on getting to Italy during the first small window of opportunity. It would be a now or never situation. We had to get a flight for as long as they were available, for as long as airlines still existed.

Zen and the Art of Moving to Italy - Part 1

Or how to transfer between countries during a global lock down

Sometime during the summer of 2019 I decided that one decade of living in the UK would suffice to qualify me for an upgrade. Overall live was good, as I lived in a spacious and sunny sea side flat on the southern coast of Engliand and for the most time managed to ignore the temperamental weather. But I would also never get used to the insular mentality as well as the political uncertainty that would ultimately erode the very foundations of this little island. All things considered, now was the time to cross the Strait of Dover and reestablish myself on continental soil.

The Prater

An Imperial Pleasure for the Common Man

It was high atop a deserted fairground when American pulp writer Holly Martins alias Joseph Cotton finally encountered his old school friend Harry Lime alias Orson Welles in the 1949 film “The Third Man”. The great Ferris-wheel showdown is one of the most famous sequences in the Vienna set film noir by “Gone with the […]

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